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Divorce, Separation, Children, Adoption

The Family Law Department primarily deals with matters arising from divorce, separation, residence of and contact with children, adoption and other legal matters relating to you and your family.

  • Divorce - we can act for you in your divorce and related financial resolution.

  • Separation Agreements - if you wish to be separated from your partner, we can help to negotiate a separation agreement dealing with financial and other matters.

  • Residence and Contact with Children - Disputes can arise in relation to which parent a child should live with and the contact arrangements between parents. We can provide advice, assistance and court representation (if necessary).

  • Adoption - We can provide advice and prepare the necessary documentation for court should you wish to adopt a child, step-child or grandchild, or we can assist in opposing an adoption.

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Children’s Hearings
We offer representation to parents or to children who are required to appear at a children’s hearing or court proceedings that arise as a result of a children’s hearing.

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Guardianships are becoming increasingly necessary for adults who are unable to manage their affairs both in relation to financial matters and their welfare and we can act in the appointment of guardians whose appointment would protect your interests or those of a family member.

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Mental Health Matters
We can provide advice, assistance and, if necessary, representation if you or a family member require to attend a Mental Health Tribunal or in relation to any other short term order.

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Legal Aid can be available depending on your financial circumstances.

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