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Buying or Selling a Residential Property

You will require the services of a residential conveyancing lawyer in any circumstances which involve the transfer the ownership of a private property, including:-

  • You wish to buy a property
  • Sell a property
  • Transfer ownership on death
  • Transfer ownership due to divorce or separation
  • Transfer ownership as a gift

You will also need the services of a residential conveyancing lawyer to complete the remortgage transaction and to discharge your mortgage when it has been repaid.

Garden Stirling Burnet provide a personal service designed to deal with your individual circumstances.

We can take you through the transaction step by step and we can help you overcome the complexities.

We have 30 years' experience of the local market, strong links with local surveyors and mortgage advisors.

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Buying a Property
Garden Stirling Burnet will help you through every stage of the process, including:-

  • Consider price comparisons
  • Note your interest with the sellerís agent
  • Keep you advised
  • Negotiate offers
  • Arrange your survey
  • Liaise with your mortgage lender
  • Complete the transfer documents
  • Prepare your loan documents
  • Release the Keys to you

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Selling a Property
We can assist you with all the legal aspects of selling your home, including:
  • Arrange for our Estate Agency team to commission the marketing strategy most suitable for your property
  • Discuss any offers with you and negotiate price, date of entry and any specific conditions.
  • Issue an acceptance on your behalf to protect your interests and arrange to have the sale contract binding on both parties.
  • Complete all the searches, prepare the transfer documents and answer any queries raised by the buyers solicitors.
  • Arrange for the repayment of your mortgage; find out how much is required to repay your existing mortgage, and ensure it is repaid when the transaction is completed
  • Settle the transaction, including advising the council tax office of the change of ownership and send the proceeds of sale to you.

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